1. Wing Nuts

    Attractive, rustproof and corrosion-resistant, Dynacast wing nuts have exclusive patented recessed wings for extra-firm finger grip and smooth-acting washer-like bosses. The nuts have a natural finish which may be used "as is" or plated in any commercial finish.
  2. Cap Nuts

    These high quality Dynacast zinc alloy cap nuts are rustproof, corrosion-resistant, attractive, with distinctive designs; cast zinc alloy cap nuts are accurately dimensioned, smoothly finished, and completely free of tool marks and cut-off burrs.
  3. Thumb Nuts

    A new type of fastener unique with Industrial Products features a round head extra big in diameter with deep fluting for positive grip. These attractive, versatile wide grip Dynacast thumb nuts are produced with open or closed ends and are available in a wide variety of head diameters and threaded sizes.
  4. Panel Mounting Nuts

    Dynacast panel mounting nuts deliver an inexpensive alternative to screw machined nuts. The patented single thread design is cast as an integral part of the process cycle.
  5. Conduit Lock Nuts

    These Dynacast Zinc die cast conduit lock nuts provide reliable, durable performance ease of use and part-to-part consistency. Lock nuts save time and cut costs without performance sacrifice.
  6. Pallet Nuts

    Pallet nuts are used as a component in the manufacture of heavy duty pallets. These nuts are an integral part of the pallet, enabling easy disassembly for quick repair and extended pallet life. Pallet nuts are also referred to as keg nuts and keg pallet nuts.
  7. Wing Screws

    Similar in style to the generously proportioned senior wing nuts, these attractive wing screws are strong and durable. having Dynacast's patented recessed wings for extra-firm finger grip.
  8. Concrete Anchors

    Concrete anchors are durable & corrosion and rust resistant. Designed to be cast in concreteAll Dynacast concrete anchors are produced from zinc alloy Zamak 5.
  9. Rings

    Rings and Dee Rings made by Dynacast are attractive, strong and smooth finished, these rings are available in many sizes and finish.
  10. Pipe Plugs

    Dynacast pipe plugs are rustproof and corrosion resistant, tough and durable.
  11. Inserts

    Dynacast precision cast threaded inserts have sharp, staggered barbs or splines for strong torque-out resistance and high pull-out strength. Compatible with wood and plastic. Ideal for the furniture industry.
  12. Access Panel Latches

    Dynacast Access Panel Latches are a low cost alternative to multi-component access panel latches made possible by their design. Featuring screwdriver opening port and highly reliable-economical construction.