1. Blind Rivet Nuts

    Blind rivet nuts are the most versatile solution for fastening high-strength nut or bolt threads to components when tapped threads are not possible due to small wall thicknesses.These elements are mounted without counter pressure ("blindly") and can therefore also be set at hollow sections.They are available in many variations and sizes and therefore offer numerous fastening solutions with additional functions.
  2. RIV-FLOAT® Rivet Nuts

    These Innovative Rivet Nuts designed by Sherex has internal floating threads that allow for component attachment in off center applications. These Floating nut aligns to drive angle of screw eliminating cross threading and spin out.The are best used for installation in post painted or powder coat applications where weld nuts or cage nuts are typically used.
  3. Rivet Nut Installation Tools

    If you're looking for rivet nut tools, then Sherex Fastening Solutions rivet nut tools is the most logical choice as it is the most advance and economical alternative rivet nut setters. The Sherex rivet nut tool is fast and easy to use and makes sturdy installations t. The rivet nut tool has unlimited uses. These rivet nut tools are designed so they enables the rivet nuts to be seated tighter than with conventional tools.
  4. Brass Inserts

    Sherex offers a full range of standard and specialty Brass Inserts including Ultrasonic and Self Tapping Inserts.Sherex Brass Inserts are one of the besth quality Brass Inserts available in the market worldwide. Made from solid brass and are guaranteed not to rust.Manufactured using quality tested raw material, the Sherex's Brass Inserts are known for their durability and high strength.
  5. Clinch Nuts

    Sherex offers three different kinds of clinch nuts to meet the specific requirements of any application that has access to both sides of the base material.These threaded fastener are secured by a press fitting into one of the pieces to be joined. They are designed to be used in sheet metal where the material is too thin to tap threads.
  6. Fastener Automation

    Research shows that using conventional methods of fastener installation is not cost effective. On the other hand automation equipments increase not only reducesing installation costs but are more reliable. Sherex offers different levels of automation capability to meet your budget requirements and also the proper fastener to meet your performance requirements.