1. Access Panel Fasteners

    Access Panel Fasteners from ITW Fastex® come in a variety of sizes, configurations and materials as standard items or can be custom designed to meet your specific needs.Various applications include, but are not limited to point of purchase displays, metal enclosures, computers, medical equipment, telecommunications cabinets, copiers, furniture, workstations, HVAC equipment, and appliances.
  2. Panel Fasteners & Clips

    The range of panel fasteners and plastic clips available from ITW Fastex® is designed to fill most fastening requirements. The Canoe push-in clips hold securely in a variety of materials; the Stalok fastener is tamper resistant and the Pine-Tree Removable Clip is reusable. The range of applications is wide from machines, appliances, and computers to recreational vehicles and point of purchase displays
  3. Rivets

    ITW Fastex®s plastic rivet fasteners come in a wide variety of styles, sizes, and configurations to accommodate different materials and panel dimensions.Plastic rivet fasteners have numerous applications and some widely used applications include children's products, furniture, partitions, computers, business machines, appliances, electronics, point of purchase displays, construction, and recreational vehicles.
  4. Clear Fasteners

    ITW Fastex Clear Fasteners are ideal solution which requires designs not to block be blocked. These clear fastenerss are the most logical choice whenever the design elements must show through the fastener whether for technical reason or ust to maintain the asthetic beauty of the design.
  5. Leveling Feet

    ITW Fastex's® leveling feet were designed to eliminate the need for weld nuts in the base of a unit. These feet are designed to eliminate steps on the assembly line. They are thread directly into a helix that can be stamped into the base of the unit or assembled directly into MDF material.
  6. Electronics Fasteners:Spacers & Supports

    ITW Fastex's® produces a wide range of fasteners for electronics as well as supports and spacers that are widely used for PC's, business machines, electronic equipment, appliances and many industrial applications. .
  7. Wire Management:Clips & Purse Locks

    Fastex has wire management clips, purse locks and straps to help arrange the wires into a convenient, workable, and organized manner.
  8. Grommets

    ITW Fastex has an extensive range of plastic grommets. The wide range of grommets that ITW Fastex offers are designed to protect cabling against sharp edges, especially where vibration is an issue. The grommets can be used on straight edges, holes or irregular shapes..