1. Rivets

    POP rivets are used in a numerous applications to secure two or more components together. Typically used in sheet type products, the POP rivet is easily installed with access only required from one side of the assembly.Pop have wide variety of high-quality fasteners that meet the needs of your demanding manufacturing assembly process and design criteria.
  2. Riveting Systems

    With a full line of rivet tools, POP enables customers to develop blind riveting systems that meet their very specific requirements, from low-frequency maintenance usage through mechanized or automated mass production lines. Its unsurpassed durability and reliability enables you to increase the efficiency of your production lines.
  3. Automotive Aftermarket Products

    Pop provides the fastening solutions you need to restore cars, trucks, and motorcycles back to factory condition.When doing repairs or replacing critical parts on your car, truck, motorcycle, or even your lawn mower Pop with is innovative and advance product line helps you solve your problem hasle free.