1. Engineering Support

    Thread Rites' application engineers provide our fasteners customers with engineering support for all of their fasteners and component needs. This includes: Standardization, re-engineering and rationalization for existing and new parts and applications. Our application engineers help with specification of fasteners for new joints and assemblies per best practice and best total cost are achieved for new designs. They Identify application issues and provise effective corrective actions. Their expert advice enhances performance, maintains quality and saves costs.
  2. Stocking Programs

    Thread Rite stocking programs are specifically designed to cater to our our customers' requirements. Our stocking programs have various option which ensure that our customers have the right product at the right time. We offer bin management programs on a local basis, blanket orders and Just in Time Delivery. These and other programs help you save time and money in your purchasing decisions and even help you manage the costly traditional labor intensive purchase order process.
  3. Custom Packaging

    Thread-Rite has the ability to meet the most stringent packaging requirements. Accurate Quantities, bulk packaging to small quantity packaging and bagging. Custom labeling, bar Coding, traceable lot numbers are just a sample of your requirements and needs.
  4. Custom Plating

    Numerous types of plating, coatings, can be met per you requirements
  5. Inventory Management

    Thread-Rite can offer stocking programs in house or at your location so you can adjust your overhead per your market conditions.
  6. Bin Stocking Programs

    Our Bin Stocking Programs streamline your inventory management process through fast inventory replenishing system, quality control, bar coding capabilities and organized bins .Our system ensures that you have the right part, at the right time, at the right price. We develop customized program for you that is effective and easy so you save your time, moneyand resources.