1. Lock Washers

    The "Split" in the helical spring lock washer absorbs the initial driving torque and visually closes under normal bolt loading. ITW Shakeproof Group's Helical Spring Lock Washers are trapezoidal in shape, which contributes to the further deflection and compression of the washer under load.
  2. Pins

    A fastening pin from shakeproof, such as clevis pin, provides strength when you secure your materials. A metal cotter pin can be bent during installation to act like a staple or spring pin. A hitch pin assembly ensures that your trailer is secure by dropping the pin in place and locking. A steel-grade, industrial safety pin locates, aligns and safely secures components. Rely on Bee Leitzke for industrial pins that secure your materials in place.
  3. Stampings

    Since its 1923 invention of the Twisted Tooth Lock Washer, Shakeproof has continued to invent products that revolutionized the stampings industry. Such product inventions as the Square Cones, Spring Washers, Internal/External Lock Washers and Shaft Retainers are the finest anti-vibration, anti-loosening, mechanical fastening devices available today
  4. Threaded Screw

    ITW Shakeproof Group has developed multiple innovative screw designs.Their products like TAP/R, GX Self Extruding, Taptite and the Cyclone, have gone on to become industry standards.Their advance WERCS Technology has revolutionized the industry, in the design and manufacturing of threaded solutions. The WERCS Technology allows teir engineers to develop superior thread geometries to tackle your most demanding applications. The industry's most innovative platform of threaded products—theBosScrew, the Shakeproof Thread